people populate the darkness; with ghosts, with gods, with electrons, with tales

nervous system
endocrine system

Anastasia was witty, vivacious, hopelessly stubborn, delightfully impertinent and in general a perfect enfant terrible…she undoubtedly held the record for punishable deeds in her family, for in naughtiness she was a true genius. 



i think the hard thing for me with this whole Abbey thing is that they don’t WORSHIP anything. "the Abbey’s ideology centers on the belief that "the universe is unknowably vast and swarming with all manner of dangerous spirits and forces, most of which are hostile to man’s existence." it’s purely preventative. there’s nothing else to it, other than like civil shit like marriages, regulating the calendar, and the Fugue Feast (which i think is super interesting). there is nothing else to it, other than preventing heresy. but it’s like, heresy to what? there’s no true religious doctrine, no God or anything in the Empire. they focus heavily on the cosmos i think, and it directs a lot of things in the public’s mind, but there’s no figure or deity to pray or worship. so i’m like HOW DOES THIS WORK?!!!! it’s like all they say is “don’t worship the outsider” 

fuck my ass

Well, how I understood it is that it’s not only this religious organization that is vehemently against The Outsider, but it also dictates an ideal lifestyle. The Seven Strictures are more or less your play of how to conduct yourself and not be tempted to commit sin, playing off of a very common theme in religions practiced today (very much like the 10 Commandments). Yes, there is not a sole deity they worship or multiple deities. But, there is a lifestyle towards enlightenment in the sense that to break the Seven Strictures is to be blinded by The Outsider. 

I think what’s so fascinating is that the ancient mind, in regards to Christianity, created the role of the Devil because the people struggled to understand how a god can be both wrathful and merciful — the bringer of their misery and, yet, bringer of their life. So the Devil is manifested and given the negative roles God once held. The Outsider plays that role in which you have a deity that is both “cradle songs of comfort and bones gnawed by teeth.” However, the difference is that the Abbey of the Everyman fixates solely on the bad and there is no ultimate “good guy” god to stand against The Outsider. The Outsider appears to be the only active deity that is recognized/known of, but even then we see that society knows so little of The Outsider. There is so little writing on The Outsider and I don’t think it’s because it might have been lost when the seawall broke or died with a previous civilization, but because Man didn’t create The Outsider. I think the only people who are capable of truly finding a lick of understanding in The Outsider and the power of his title are those he interacts with like Corvo, Delilah, Daud, etc. 

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ART HISTORY MEME || [1/2] museums: Musée du Louvre - Paris, France


austria doodles with random German words (I didn’t have space to draw a gugelhupf) all done this year from feb - july.

the last one of Austria house sitting/dog sitting for Germany was meant to be posted in time for world cup finals, but life got in the way
So I recently upgraded my mom’s ancient PC. only to have the brand new power supply bail on me within two months of the upgrade! and now I’m back on my old faithful and equally ancient Macbook while the PC languishes in the workshop. Work your magic, nimble-fingered (I hope) technicians!!!


Beautiful tributes to the land of Morrowind by the insanely talented Alexey Rudikov.

you missed the part where i said that it could have fooled me in getting the icecream given that Nor was the breadwinner

yeah but turtle didnt have a comeback for that

I was under the impression that Ned had a weird on-and-off relationship with Port. Ned would probably leave Ro in 2 days. Guess Ro’s gonna have to settle with Lux. Imagine Ro trying to ask Switz out.

who fucking knows what ned is doing at any given time of day

and i dont have to imagine it because omenesc once told me about a whole au around ro/switz and it was fucking glorious